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How to Choose the Right Shutter for your Home

The best way to enhance your curb appeal is by installing well-designed and colored shutters. Whether you install budget-friendly vinyl or high-end cedar, exterior shutters radiate a wonderful appeal to your home. Shutters can e crafted of vinyl, paint-table cedar, pine, and cypress, powder-coated aluminum, among other things. There are standard shutters as well as custom-built styles with varying prices. The standard shutters height is between 12-81 inches with a width between 12-15 inches. However, custom-built shutters give you a plethora of sizes, shapes, and cutout you desires. To make sure you pick the perfect shutters for your home various things need to be considered first. This article outlines some of the main considerations you need to make so continue reading.

The first thing you need is to choose the style of the shutter. It is important to make sure the style you pick is in sync with the architectural design of your home. To ascertain you pick the best shutter design that matches your home architectural design and which that inspires and satisfy you look for ideas from online resources or your neighborhood. Consider shutters on a home similar to yours. There are numerous shutter styles and each has a unique appeal and architectural designs that rhyme best. Some renowned shutter styles include but are not limited to, board-and-batten, Bermudas, and the Bahamas, as well as raised or flat-paneled shutters.

The other thing about choosing the right shutter is the color. The shutter needs to be conspicuous and stand out. Therefore, the color you pick should contrast the color of your house’s exterior to make it noticeable. For example, a black shutter can easily be noticed on a white exterior home or a cream shutter on a cedar-shingles cottage. It is a good thing to use shutters in a similar color family with your house exterior but with different hues that are darker or lighter tones.

Make sure you pay attention to details. It is imperative to ensure the shutters you pick perfectly fit the windows. Good shutters need to match the length of the window’s trim and should be around 25-33% of the window’s width. Therefore, when measuring the width of the shutter ensure to consider the spaces between windows. It is also important to maintain cohesiveness when installing shutters by ensuring they are of the same width on all windows. You can choose to paint the shutters with fun colors to give your home a personal touch or presence.

The other important consideration is your budget, whether you are DIY or you have engaged a contractor to help you it is always a wise thing to make sure you have enough money to support the project to the end. Depending on the number of windows, their size and shape, and the material you pick the cost will significantly vary and therefore it can be difficult to estimate the cost. This is why it is important to look for a reliable and experienced contractor to give you a quote you can work with. This ensures that you do not under-budget your project. Those are some considerations you need to make when choosing shutters for your home.

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